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Community of Sweden was closed down permanently April 30, 2013

Community of Sweden was started in 2007 and our members uploaded thousands of photos and stories and there were numerous of great discussions in our forums. However, as the world around us is changing so must we and therefore we decided to close down Community of Sweden permanently April 30, 2013.

We’re now focusing our presence on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We have more than thirty different sites in ten different languages and we hope that some of these will suit you.


Danish, Skiferie Sverige:

Dutch, Volg Zweden:

Danish, MereSverige:

English, Outdoor in Sweden:

English, I like Sweden:

English, Try Swedish (food):

English, History of Sweden:

English, Sweden:

Finnish, Ruotsi:

French, Suède:

German, Schweden:

Italian, Svezia:

Norwegian, VisitSweden NO:

Russian, Швеция:

Spanish, Suecia:



English, @sweden:

English, @OutdoorInSweden:

English, @TrySwedish (food):

English, @VisitSwedenUS:

English: @VisitSwedenUK:

Danish, @VisitSwedenDK:

Dutch, @VisitSwedenNL:

Finnish, @Ruotsi:

French, @VisitSwedenFR:

German, @VisitSwedenDE:

Italian, @VisitSwedenIT:

Norwegian, @sotebror:

Russian, @VisitSwedenRU:

Spanish, @VisitSwedenES:



English, Pins of Sweden:



English, VisitSweden's photo stream:


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